Repair Shop Director Features

Repair Shop Director , is more than just another piece of automotive shop management software but a complete repair shop software package with you in mind.

Repair Shop Director, allows you to run your business your way. Including complete Customer Management, Inventory Management, Accounts Receivable, and Reporting while producing repair orders that are easy to read and understand.

  1. Custom Work Order and Estimate Designer
  2. Multiple currency format support
  3. Multiple date format support
  4. Multiple Taxes
  5. Customize Tax Labels
  6. Tax Exempt on Repair Orders
  7. Tax / Non Tax individual parts
  8. Apply Discounts
  9. Bar Code Support
  10. Customer searches
  11. Inventory Searches
  12. Work Order Searches
  13. Print Work Orders
  14. Print Purchase Orders
  15. Print Estimates
  16. Print Quotes
  17. Add your own Company Logo to the Work Order.
  18. Add your own Company Slogan to the Work Order.
  19. Email Work Orders
  20. Complete Inventory Control
  21. Completely Networkable
  22. Ability to add UNLIMITED Work Orders
  23. Ability to add UNLIMITED Estimates
  24. Ability to add UNLIMITED Counter Sales
  25. Ability to add UNLIMITED Parts
  26. Export Any list to Microsoft Excel

Work Order Creation Customizations
  • Cash Sales
  • Customer Sales
  • All in 1 Screen View
  • Add Items On The Fly
  • Packing Slip Creation
  • Customer Tracking
  • Multiple Payments
  • Complete Customer History
  • Item Searches
  • Tax Exempt on Work Order
  • Tax Exempt On Items
  • Custom Starting Numbers
  • Custom Disclaimers
  • Custom Logo
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Multiple Date Format Support
  • Multiple Tax rate
  • Much Much More... .

Inventory Control Customer Tracking
  • Inventory Search
  • Inventory Usage History
  • Inventory Tracking by Vendor
  • Complete Inventory Tracking
  • Non Inventory Items History
  • Vendor Tracking
  • In Store Location
  • Inventory Work Sheets
  • 5 Levels of Pricing
  • Global Pricing Updates
  • Spending Trends
  • Customer History Tracking
  • Customer Follow-Ups
  • Internal Customer Comments
  • Credit Accounts
Management Reports Vendor Maintenance
  • Sales Summaries
  • Report Order Recaps
  • Customer History
  • Inventory Usage
  • And Much More....
  • Complete Vendor Information
  • Vendor Search
  • Vendor Items
  • Vendor History
  • Purchase Order Creation
Accounts Receivable
  • Take single payment on multiple invoices.
  • Print customer statements

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Repair Shop Director
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